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Mail Services

Fast Mail Services

Priority Mail is accorded preferential treatment in processing and delivery and your mail can be delivered within one day.

Ordinary Letter Mail Services

This is a standard postal service within set delivery standards from the time of dispatch to arrival at the point of delivery.

Mail Delivery Standards

With the NamPost overnight Courier Services, your mail can be delivered in accordance to the following delivery standards if posted before 12h00:

  • Within two (2) days in the same town.
  • Within three (3) working days locally,  within the country
  • Within six (6) working days international. (pending on terms and conditions of transit partners and other postal services)

Postage Stamps and Pre-paid Envelopes

Postage stamps and pre-paid envelopes are available at all post offices at an affordable price.

Express Mail Service (EMS)

Express Mail Service is an affordable method to send and receive  items to any destination internationally. The key features of the product are:

  • 6 days delivery period (pending on terms and conditions of transit partners and other postal services) 
  • Traceable on the Postal Global Track and Trace
  • Door Step Delivery.

Express mail delivery to 190 countries, including South Africa

Send packages from Namibia to your recipient’s address. Choose Express Mail Service (EMS) for safe, reliable delivery and tracking of your parcel from send off to arrival. Visit our website for the international postal tariffs list. EMS. Available at your nearest post office.

For more information download our EMS flyer.

Bulk Mail

The Service is designed for institutions that post over 100 or more domestic letters. Mail can be handed over at the Mail Center in Windhoek or over the counter at any post office.

Business Reply Services

The Business Reply Service (BRS) is a trusted direct response vehicle that improves consumer and business responses to your solicitations. BRS can make your direct marketing campaigns or surveys more effective by simplifying the reply process.

Available in envelope, leaflet and card format, Business Reply Service is an easy and sure way for your customers to reach you at no expense to them. You can use BRS to initiate customer service, request information, research the marketplace or to identify customer needs.

Once mailed, replies are sent directly back to your designated address and you pay for only the responses you receive.

Registered letter

Registered letter service is available for letters which need signature on delivery, contain valuable items or important documents, such as Passports, Certificates, Contracts of Agreements, Registration of New Business documents etc.

Pamphlet and Brochures Distributions

This is a convenient way to target messages to high-potential prospects and customers by advertising your products/services through leaflets, brochures, booklets, cards or catalogues.

This service includes unaddressed mail such as promotional catalogues or flyers, newspapers, trade samples, householder circulars, national election information booklets, auction information booklets, furniture promotional brochures, and so forth.

The service is available at a very low rate through all post boxes countrywide.

Mail Delivery Standards

Postal Delivery Standard Namibia

Postal Delivery Standard Same Town

Mail and Logistic Postal Security Policy

Namibia Post Limited (Nam Post) as a designated postal operator (DPO) under the licence issued to it by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRAN) and postal supply chain parties can provide evidence of its compliance with National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP) and other internationally recognised security certification programs deemed to comply with the requirement of UPU Standards S58 and S59.

Mail and Logistic Postal Security Policy

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