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Investment Products Interest Rates

Period 1 March 2017 - 31 March 2017


  • Interest rate of 2.75% p.a tax-free on daily balance.
  • Plus a bonus on the total interest earned, depending on the contract period, only paid once when the contract has matured.
  • Minimum amount is N$50.00and recurring monthly payments equal to the initial amount deposit.
Contract PeriodBonus Percentage
2 Years75 %
3 Years85 %
4 Years100 %
5 Years120 %


  • Minimum amount is N$100.00 and additional deposits of N$50.00 and more can be made.

Contract PeriodInterest Percentage
1 Years2.75 % p.a. tax free

Interest Calculation : Capital x Term in days divided by 365 x interest rate = Interest

Example :

When investing N$ 70 500 an a Fixed Term Deposit for 3 Months, the calculation for interest paid will be : N$ 70 500 x 90 days devided by 365 days in a year x 4.40 % = N$ 764.88 interest received for the term of 90 days. Hence the interest received per month being : N$ 254.96


Investment PeriodInterest PercentageInterest Percentage

N$ 0 - 99 999

N$100 000 and above

Call Account2.70%2.75%
32 days Notice deposit4.70%4.75%
60 days Notice deposit4.80%4.85%

Monthly Interest

FTD (Months)N$ 0 - 99 999N$100 000 and above
Monthly Interest PayoutMaturity Interest PayoutMonthly Interest PayoutMaturity Interest Payout

Call and notice deposits and My Choice:

Minimum amount is N$ 500.00 and additional deposit of N$ 100.00 and more can be made.

Fixed Term Deposit (FTD):

 Minimum amount is N$ 500.00 and additional deposits allowed of N$ 500.00 or more.

For any enquiries and rates for amounts 300 000 + relating to NSB clients, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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This is the largest Business Unit in NamPost, and encompasses Post Offices, Mail Services, Philately, and Agency Services.

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