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From Ox-Wagon to Airplane in Namibia

Transport and travel are fundamental to our modern existence,
and have shown an incredible transformation over the last century. The ox wagon first came to Namibia around two hundred years ago. While oxen, donkeys and horses are still used to pull carts and sand sleds across parts of rural Namibia today, tourists now explore our country’s wonderful places in four-wheel-drives and charter airplanes.

Download From Ox-Wagon to Airplane in Namibia

Francolins and Spurfowl of Namibia

Francolins are found across most of central and northern Namibia, yet few people know that there are half a dozen different species, each locally common in ideal habitat in different parts of the country. Many are extremely well-camouflaged and often overlooked. Spurfowl is just another name used for some francolin species.

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Small Felines of Namibia

For many millennia, the grace, the agility and the playful nature of cats have fascinated, charmed and inspired us. While Namibia’s large cats – the lion, the leopard and the cheetah – are
universally celebrated and admired, our four small felines are known mostly to farmers and conservationists.

Download Small Felines of Namibia

Whales of Namibia 

 The stamps portray one species from each family of whales recorded from Namibian waters. The result is a wonderfully diverse collection including several of the lesser-known species, as well as the famous blue and southern right whales

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