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Philately Brochure 2023

Although the digital world is dominating much of our lives, postage stamps and
hand-written mail remain relevant – and exciting. We are proud to present another
range of diverse and visually stunning stamp issues for 2023. After 25 years of
philatelic product design, Helge Denker is still creating new artworks and creative
designs for our stamps. Enjoy collecting them!

Brochure 2023

Philately Brochure 2022

At the end of another difficult year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic and related hardships, we offer you another refreshing collection of Namibian stamps. While the pale chanting goshawk is propably the most conspicuous raptor along Namibian roadsides, our other hawks are less wellknown. The Sandhof lily provides a seasonal burst of natural splendour that has become world-famous. Lastly, lapwings are a genus of interesting wading birds that make for beautiful art subjects. We are proud to celebrate all of these gems of our natural heritage with commemorative stamp issues.

Enjoy collecting another range of wonderful Namibian stamps!

Philately Brochure 2021

Brochure 2021

The year 2020 has been dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected all of our lives in complex and at times tragic ways.

We’ve decided to continue to focus on the good things in life, and thus present another diverse range of stamps for 2021.

Namibia’s rich natural heritage continues to provide interesting and vibrant subjects.

The floral diversity of our mostly arid country may come as a surprise to some, yet Namibia is home to numerous endemic plants, many with very attractive flowers.

The nearly 700 bird species recorded in Namibia offer near inexhaustible motifs, as do the many intriguing and often little-known mammals.


Enjoy collecting this novel range!

Philately Brochure 2020

Twenty-twenty is an auspicious number. The phrase refers to having good vision (twenty-twenty vision). For the year twenty-twenty, NamPost has again produced a visual feast of philatelic products. Enjoy collecting them!

2020 Brochure

Philately Brochure 2019

Download the Philately 2019 Brochure

The year 2019 offers another selection of beautiful Namibian stamps:

It’s been mostly forgotten that Walvis Bay was named after the once-prolific whales in our waters. The six whale stamps celebrate a selection of the threatened mariners – some of which are making a comeback in the   Atlantic. Cuckoos are fascinating birds that don’t raise their own young, but rather sneak their eggs into the nests of others – weird and wonderful nature.

Africa’s large cats are universally celebrated; in Namibia they occur in healthy numbers in unique environments – and keep surprising us with their adaptability... 

Delightful stamps celebrating not just our stunning biodiversity, but also our country’s conservation successes.

Enjoy collecting them – and learning about our natural heritage!

Philately Brochure 2018

Download the Philately 2018 Brochure

In line with international trends and the evolving priorities of NamPost, our philately department has undergone major changes. As part of this restructuring, the number of stamp issues released by NamPost per year has been reduced to three, consisting of a total of twelve individual stamps.

Here we present our small yet exciting range for 2018: the fascinating evolution of transport and travel in Namibia; another of our many interesting yet often-overlooked bird groups (a release that coincides with the 8th Birdpex exhibition, held in Luxembourg in May 2018); and the grace, agility and beauty of the small wild cats of Namibia.

Enjoy collecting them!

Philately Brochure 2017

Download the Philately 2017 Brochure

The year 2017 will be an exciting one for Namibian philately! NamPost will be issuing fascinating new commemorative series, featuring a wonderful array of themes, designs and artworks. Amongst them are the first philatelic product designs of a young artist keen to establish herself as a Namibian stamp designer. With her creative vision, Elke le Roux brings a fresh look and feel to our stamps with her Diamond Trains debut – an absorbing aspect of our past.

As the milestones of the formation of our independent nation move further into history, we will continue to celebrate important centenaries and other significant anniversaries. The year 2017 will see several. The Lutheran Reformation, which began half a millennium ago, had a wide influence on religion and society. Our stamp issue coincides with the 12th Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation, which will be hosted by Namibia. Scouting celebrate one hundred years in Namibia. In the context of centenaries, it is also important to acknowledge the role of
the most influential individuals who defined the long path to Namibian independence. To achieve this, NamPost is busy with a compelling venture, to be advertised in early 2017 as an additional theme not featured in this brochure.

Our natural heritage continues to provide many of the subjects that keep our stamps so popular. In time for Easter, we will be celebrating our indigenous Easter bunnies.

Over the last 25 years, NamPost has issued a great diversity of stamps. They have travelled the world as miniature ambassadors, have portrayed Namibia in its colourful natural and cultural splendour – and have won several international awards, including the ‘Most beautiful Stamp
in the World’ award (twice). Most stamps of earlier issues have been sold out, but a few copies of some popular themes, and limited numbers of some year packs, are still in stock.

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