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Mail Services

Mail Services

Postal Services offer a broad range of products and services which includes domestic and International Mail Services. Internal mail services are available globally. Conveyance of letter and parcels is done by Air or Air Surface depending on your requirements. 

Fast Mail Services

Priority Mail is accorded preferential treatment in processing and delivery and your mail can be delivered within one day. 

Ordinary Mail Services

This is a standard postal service within set delivery standards from the time of dispatch to arrival at the point of delivery. 

Mail Delivery Standards

With the NamPost overnight Courier Services your mail can be delivered in accordance with the following delivery standards if posted before 12h00:

  • Within three working days in Namibia
  • Within two days in Windhoek
  • Within six(6) working days, excluding weekends and holidays, worldwide. 


Click here to download mail delivery standards


Postage and prepaid envelopes

Postage and pre-paid envelopes are available at all post offices at an affordable price. 

This is ideal for the customer with 50 or more pieces of mail who lacks manpower to affix the stamps or the need to account for postage through a receipt. 

Express Mail Service (EMS)

When you have a special parcel to send to any destination world-wide, or if you need to order an item abroad and need a special service that provides speed, traceability, reliability, affordability and conveniece, the Expedite Mail Services is there for you. 

Bulk Mail - Unsorted

The Service is designed for institutions that post over 100 or more unsorted domestic mail within Namibia. Mail can be handed over at the  Mail Centre or over the counter at any post office. 

Bulk Mail – Pre-sorted

This service offers discounts to clients if the mail is presented according to NamPost’s mail-sorting criteria. Further information can be obtained from the Manager: Mail Services. 

The domestic bulk mail service is applicable to mail items within Namibia and intended for delivery in Namibia and foreign countries. 

Business Reply Services

The Business Reply Service (BRS) is a trusted direct response vehicle that improves consumer and business responses to your solicitations. BRS can make your direct marketing campaigns or surveys more effective by simplifying the reply process. 

Available in envelope, leaflet and card format, Business Reply Service is an easy and sure way for your customers to reach you at no expense to them. You can use BRS to initiate customer service, request information, research the marketplace or to identify customer needs. 

Once mailed, replies are sent directly back to your designated address and you pay for only the responses you receive. 

In addition to acquiring the licence authorizing you to use BRS, you will be required to pay in advance a minimal refundable deposit sufficient to cover the probable amount of postage and handling charges likely to accumulate within a period of three months. 

Two options are available:

  • Enclose a pre-printed business envelope reply or post card
  • Advertise a specified Freepost address to which clients may write 

Contact the Manager: Mail Services for more information 

Registered letter with insurance

Registered letter services is available with an insurance option for letters which need signature on delivery, contain valuable items or important documents, such as Passports, Certificates, Contracts of Agreements, Registration of New Business documents etc. 

Pamphlet and Brochures Distributions

This is a convenient way to target messages to high-potential prospects and customers by advertising your products/services through leaflets, brochures, booklets, cards or catalogues. 

It has become the medium of choice for marketers who want a better return on investment on their advertising because it's targeted and efficient - it goes directly to the people most likely to use your product or service. 

This service includes unaddressed mail such as promotional catalogues or flyers, newspapers, trade samples, householder circulars, national election information booklets, auction information booklets, furniture promotional Brochures, and so forth. 

The service is available at a very low rate through over 100,000 post boxes countrywide, as well as private bags.

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