About Philately
Philately products

The following are philately products of which most are sold by our Philately Department;

  • Full sheet of stamps (with 10 or 25 stamps on one sheet)
  • Single stamp (taken from the full sheet)
  • Control block (taken from the full sheet, block of four stamps with the NamPost logo, the name and date of the stamp issue and the colour codes used by the printers)
  • Single set of stamps (all the stamps of one issue)
  • Commemorative envelopes (with the stamps of the issue plus the special cancellation)
  • Miniature sheets
  • Maxi cards (with the stamp of the same theme and the special canceller)
  • Aerogrammes (with a stamp printed onto the item)
  • Prepaid post cards (with the stamp printed onto the item)
  • Prepaid envelope (with inland mail postage stamp printed onto the item)
  • Special cancellations (by special canceller of each stamp issue)
  • Stamp booklets (with the stamps folded inside)