How can my salary be paid to my SmartCard?

The client opens a SmartCard with a minimum deposit of N$50-00.
He/she takes the SmartCard number to his/her employer.
The employer pays a cheque or does an internet payment into the NamPost Savings Bank Account at Standard Bank:
NamPost Savings Bank
Standard Bank, Main Branch, Windhoek
Account no: 0241733979
Branch code: 082372

If it is only one client the Unique SmartCard Number (USN) must be provided as reference on the deposit slip. (USN can be found at the back of the SmartCard).
If it is more than one client, the company name should be provided s reference. The employer sends us an excel sheet indicating the following:

  • Full Names of the employees
  • USN numbers of the SmartCard
  • Amounts to be paid
  • The date the  payment should be done

This information must be forwarded to NamPost Savings Bank Windhoek by e-mail or fax at least 2 working days prior to payment date.

Contact Person:
Mrs. Christelle Louw
Supervisor Salaries NSB
Tel: 061 – 201 3202
Fax: 061 – 238565 or O88645852